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6.) Pirates put up a dozen on the Bruins

It was a game in which the Pirates were in a dogfight for the Northern Division. Only five points behind the Adirondack Red Wings, Portland put the pedal down trying to catch the divison leader. Too bad… the Bruins were in the way.

Portland, ME – In the last top-10 moment, the Pirates had scored the quickest two goals in franchise history, so what better way to continue the goal-scoring theme with the most goals scored in a game.

The Pirates over their history have developed rivalries with several teams in the AHL, but none can be as strong or as fierce as the rivalry with the Providence Bruins. In 155 games, the Pirates hold a slight edge with a 73-68-14 record over the last 16 seasons.

In a rivalry such as this, Pirates fans tend to get up a little more when Providence comes to town. The Bruins were once located in Portland as the Maine Mariners before relocating to Rhode Island in 1992.

The Pirates have had many memorable moments against the Bruins including their first franchise game (6-3 win) and numerous playoff moments including the #9 moment in Pirates history.

On March 9, 1994, the Pirates handed the Bruins one of their worst defeats in franchise history, lighting them up just short of a baker’s dozen in a 12-2 win.

After the game, the Pirates almost felt embarrassed with the lopsided score, especially when it was announced over the public address system.

“I’d like to apologize to the Providence Bruins,” said former Pirates head coach Barry Trotz in a Press Herald interview. “It was not called for (referring to the announcement over the PA system). We’re above that sort of thing, I hope.”

After two periods of play, it was already 9-1 and the Pirates where looking for more.

“We took the wind out of their sails early and we kept pumping it to them,” said Pirates’ defenseman Jeff Sirkka.

By the time the Bruins had managed to get a puck past Pirates’ netminder Byron Dafoe, Portland had already built a 6-0 lead.

Former Pirates forward Michel Picard single-handedly could have beaten the Bruins, scoring four goals, with three of them coming in the first period, as part of his six points on the night.

Picard, at the time, set a record for most goals scored in a period and tied franchise records for goals scored in a regular season game and points in a regular season game.

Picard wasn’t the only player to have a high-scoring night as Mike Boback netted four assists and Chris Jensen with two goals and an assist.

“We had the Eye of the Tiger,” said Sirkka.

Excuse me while I pull out Survivor from my record collection.

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