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Pirates unveil 2015-2016 uniforms

Portland Pirates unveil new uniforms for the 2015-16 season on Tuesday

Portland Pirates unveil new uniforms for the 2015-16 season on Tuesday

The Portland Pirates unveiled new uniforms on Tuesday that will be worn during the 2015-2016 season.

The Pirates, who are beginning a new four-year affiliation with the Florida Panthers, will wear the newly re-designed uniform for home and away games for the upcoming season. It’s the team’s fifth complete redesign since the franchise relocated from Baltimore, Maryland in 1993.

The Pirates have also unveiled a new alternate throwback jersey that pays heritage to the team’s original black road sweater with original team logo worn from 1993 until 1999.

All three of the Pirates’ new uniforms include a shoulder patch with the primary logo of the Panthers.

“The uniforms unveiled today represent an opportunity for us to a create fresh, clean look as we begin our new affiliation with the Florida Panthers, while also paying tribute to our roots as an organization,” said Portland Pirates COO Brad Church in a press release. “We feel the new game uniforms bring us a more traditional look that our players and fans will be proud of. We’re also excited bring back our original “Swash” logo and our original uniform design in our alternate jerseys. This is a design that our fans have been asking for, and we are very happy to make this design a reality.”

Both the home ‘white’ jersey and away ‘red’ jersey include the team’s “Salty Pete” logo on the front. The redesign for both jerseys includes more horizontal stripping than the previous uniform with vertical black armbands.

There are three design elements of the new uniform that appear on both the home ‘white’ and road ‘red’ jersey for the 2015-16 season.

1. A tie string collar
2. Black shoulder piping
3. Horizontal belt stripe with smaller border stripes on both the waist and elbows

2015-16 Portland Pirates Home Detail (900x900)

The lettering and numbering for the home ‘white’ uniform will feature a black base with white and red trim while the road ‘red’ uniform will feature white base with black trim

The home ‘white’ uniform also features socks with a black base up to the knee, then a white base from the knee up, with a red horizontal stripe across the knee. The team will wear a white helmet with their home whites.

2015-16 Portland Pirates Away Detail (900x900)

The away ‘red’ uniform will include socks that have a black base below the knee and a red base from the knee up, with a white horizontal stripe across the knee. They’ll wear a black helmet with these uniforms.

2015-16 Portland Pirates Alternate Detail (900x900)

The Pirates have also unveiled a new alternate uniform that is a throwback to the original design worn by the team in early few years of existence. The throwback jersey is black with the original Pirates “Swash” logo on the front. The stripes on the jersey are similar to those worn by the Pirates from 1993-99 when the team was sold to Brian Petrovek the uniforms were redesigned, including a new logo that is the current “Salty Pete” logo used today.

The numbering on this sweater uses the same number font and style as the Pirates’ original uniforms used during the 1993-94 season and part of 1994-95 season. The original font featured a red base with black and white trim but was changed during the 94-95 season due to the difficulty of the numbers being seen on television. The Pirates regularly appeared on NESN as part their AHL television coverage of the early 1990’s as well as WMTW Channel 8 during the first few seasons. The numbers were changed to white to make this legible on television.

The lettering on the throwback uniform will be white, and the socks will be a black base, with the same red and white striping design on the knees as the jersey uses on the elbows and waist. The throwback uniform will use a black helmet.

The Pirates will wear their alternate jerseys for all five Sunday home games at Cross Insurance Arena during the 2015-16 season, plus other select home dates throughout the season. The team indicates that fans will be able to purchase replicas of the jerseys shortly.

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