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Old friends reunite to give the Maineiacs an offensive boost

Last week, Lewiston Maineiacs head coach J.F. Houle reunited three buddies and it paid off as they extended their win streak to three games.

Matthew Bissonnette, Michael Chaput, and Stefan Fournier combined for 17 points in those three games last week, but the chemistry wasn’t instant. All three players played pond hockey together as kids and all three went on to play for the famed midget hockey program in Montreal, the Lac St. Louis Lions.

Now, all three are playing major junior hockey together for the Maineiacs.

“Matt, Mike, and I have been playing together for almost as long as I can remember,” Fournier said. “It’s almost like skating on the pond, because we know how we work, we know how we play, and sometimes you don’t have to look. One of them will be there.”

“I feel the weekend went well, and I was happy to be back with my old linemates.”

Don’t expect the lineup to stay stagnant however as Houle continues to get other players involved in the offense, namely Krill Kabanov, who has 10 points (4G, 6A) in 16 games, as he pairs him with Bissonnette and Chaput.

“Kabanov has a lot of skill as well,” J.F. Houle said. “He played well on that line against Drummondville. I think I will give (Kabanov) a chance up there.”

Fournier will play wherever Houle places him in the line-up.

“I think it’s really important to be versatile as a player,” he said. You know when you want to play pro one day, it’s a lot better to have the ability to play four lines then limiting yourself to a grinder, fighter, or completely just a scorer.”

“It gives you a lot more room to get you in the line-up.”

“Stefan Fournier is a player that can play with anyone in our line-up,” said Houle. “(Playing with) Chaput to playing with Antoine Houde-Caron, it’s a credit to his talent on what he can do offensively and defensively.”

Samuel Henley on the NHL Central Scouting Mid-Term Rankings

On Monday, the midterm rankings for the 2011 NHL Draft were released and Samuel Henley was the only Maineiac to be represented as he came in ranked at No. 155 among North American skaters. The 17-year old forward has nine goals, 12 assists, and 21 points in 44 games this season.

“A player like Sam Henley is one that will give you many years of service. It is tough to find someone who is so defensively responsible, while also being willing to pay the price every single game and every single night. He will be a real find for somebody, and the NHL team that does in fact land Sam Henley will be very happy with what they get,” said Roger Shannon in the team’s press release.

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