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Younger Jeanneret looking to make his mark

It’s just not players who strive to get the call into the coaches’ office, letting them know they are heading to the NHL. It happens in all facets of the game including the radio booth.

The Buffalo Sabres announced this morning that Portland Pirates play-by-play Mark Jeanneret will fill in for his father, Rick Jeanneret, long-time current play-by-play of the Sabres for a pair of games in Calgary and Edmonton on Dec. 27th and 28th, respectively.

“It’s obliviously an honor to be considered for the opportunity,” said Mark Jeanneret. “I’ve got a couple games to do what I can do. We’ll see how the chips fall after that.”

This isn’t the first time he’s been considered for the position as the elder Jenneret, the longest tenured broadcaster in the NHL, who is entering his 39th season in the booth, has been taking periodic breaks during the season.

“It gives him a break in the season,” said Jeanneret. “He’s been at it for a long time and I know the travel tends to wear on him as the season progresses. If they could play all 82 games in his back yard he’d be happy.”

Jeanneret also said the opportunity almost presented itself last season, although he was never approached.

“It might have happened last year, but with the (move to Maine); it was just too much with the All-Star (weekend). I was flattered that I’m in the mix, that (Buffalo) thinks enough of me to give me a chance.”

“I’ve always looked and wanted a chance.”

The idea was presented to Jeanneret about a month ago by Chrisanne Bellas, Director of Broadcasting for the Sabres, and once Pirates Managing Owner/CEO Brian Petrovek gave his approval then it was just a matter of working out the details. That said, the move doesn’t come without some challenges to the Pirates as they have a game on Dec. 28 at home against Providence and the following night in Hartford.

Jeanneret believes he will miss only one game, but the potential is there that a replacement will be needed for both games.

There is no word on potential candidate as a temporary replacement for Jeanneret.

“We’re still having some conversations to see where that goes,” he said.

Jeanneret grew up watching the Sabres during the good times and the bad times and this could be considered a dream job, if only, for two games. But, he knows that it’s his work that will need to do talking and not his last name.

“I grew up a Sabres fan,” he said. “I grew up around the team, following the team, living and dying with the team. I think it would be a thrill to be in the NHL anywhere.”

“Some might think that I’m being groomed for when dad leaves, but that’s not the case. I’ve never been approached about that. That’s why I came (to Portland) because I knew I had to leave Erie to further my career and I don’t expect to have the job handed to me, but I just at least want to be in consideration for the position when the time comes.”

This is a good first step.

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