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Despite reports Pirates say no deal with Albany

There are a lot of rumors going around over the last day about the Portland Pirates.

According to published reports, a deal was struck between the Times Union Arena and the Pirates to relocate that franchise to the Capital District beginning in 2010-2011 season.

That’s news to Pirates ownership including Brian Petrovek.

“No deals have been reached there or here – yet,” he said.

For the last three weeks, there has been a constant barrage of news from Albany, NY, and here locally that the Pirates were indeed looking to relocate because their lease was going to expire at the end of April.

Both parties involved have stated that they are committed to coming to terms on a new lease agreement to keep the Pirates in Portland long-term.

Now, it would appear that is no longer the case, or maybe it is, and this latest news is only to apply pressure to the Civic Center trustees.

A tactic not likely to work as Neal Pratt, Chair of the Board of Trustees has said they have a duty to the taxpayers and will not subsidize any sports franchise to the point of the building losing money, something the Civic Center had to face last year for the first time in 7 years.

In all likelihood a deal will be reached with either the Time Union Arena or Cumberland County Civic Center in the next several days for no other reason than the franchise needs to begin the process of selling season tickets either here in Portland or in Albany, NY.

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