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Friday I spoke with Don MacAdam to talk about the 44 player roster for training camp. Nothing official has come out on the roster but you can cross one name off the list. Connor Brickley, the highly touted 17-year old from Massachusetts, will not be attending camp.

“Connor Brickley will not be coming to camp, Derek Henderson will come to camp,” said Maineiacs President and Head Coach Don MacAdam.

Derek Henderson, 17, played last year with Tabor Academy. He was one of the Maineiacs’ seventh round picks in 2009.

There won’t be many spots available on the blue line up for grabs.

L-Maineiacs-P20-year olds

19-year olds

Riku Dufva

18-year olds
Eric Gelinas
Samuel Finn
Dany Coulombe

17-year olds
Samuel Carrier
Zach Shannon

16-year olds
Stephen Woodworth

There’s seven defenseman right there. I didn’t include Victor Heselton, 19, who could be on this team if he wasn’t going the NCAA route.

Kennedy scheduled to be at camp

Jordan Kennedy is still recovering from the hamstring injury suffered at Team Atlantic tryouts last month. He was scheduled to participate in the University of New Brunswick’s goalie camp but didn’t due to the injury.

“Tom Bourdon has been in touch with him and we didn’t want to risk any further injury,” said MacAdam.

The expectation is he will be ready for Lewiston’s training camp.

A rumor has popped up that would send Kennedy to Cape Breton for Christopher Holden and a second round pick in 2010.

Team has no deals in the works

With the trade period open until the August 23rd, Lewiston has no deals in the works but they are listening to teams.

“As most teams do, we always talking to other teams to see the possibilities that are out there, but nothing is immanent,” MacAdam mentioned.

Expect the free agent signings to official on Monday. The team is looking to bring four free agents into camp. When I spoke to MacAdam, he just received the paperwork from the league to bring free agents into camp.

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