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Maine gets their fourth 2011 commitment

Norwood, Mass– He plays like his coach. Cam Brown, 16, has committed to the University of Maine for the Fall of 2011. The Boston Advantage product has a similar playing style like his coach, Tim Lovell, who played at Maine from 1993-1996.

“I am a playmaking center with some good skills,” said Cam Brown. “Hockey sense is one of my strengths and I like to play with some goal scorers because I can feel I can set them up.”

“Cameron sets up everybody up around him,” said Boston Advantage General Manager and Head Coach Tim Lovell. “He’s a pure playmaker, he sees the ice and he makes everyone around him better. He’s the nicest kid in the world, great student and a very humble kid.”

BlackBearWhite - 288x220Brown, 5’6, 140, played with the Boston Advantage Under-18 split season team last season. As an underager, he was tied for second in scoring with 30 points including nine goals. During the high school season, he played with Rivers High School where he led the team in scoring.

Lovell states he was no taller then 5’7 when he stepped onto Maine’s campus.

“Cameron plays a lot like I played,” Lovell mentioned. “He’s a playmaker but he does scores goals. He plays great defensively which is very rare.”

“I can definitely work on my shot and definitely get stronger and bigger,” Brown mentioned.

“He’s a total package for a little guy,” Lovell added “He could get quicker, faster, and stronger like every kid. He’s one of the best kids I seen around here (Massachusetts) in a longtime.”

Brown asked Lovell on his experience Maine before leaving for UMass-Amherst after Maine was put on probation.

“He came to me when we were talking to Bobby (Corkum),” Lovell added. “I look back at it now and it’s the best hockey family I’ve been involved as a player. You can’t beat Maine Hockey.”

“Tim always talked about the Maine and how unbelievable the atmosphere is,” Brown also added. “Speaking of Tim Lovell, he’s a great influence and he has helped me. He really puts empathizes on making every player the best possible player they can be.”

It was the tradition of Maine hockey that led him to the commitment to none.

“Maine’s hockey tradition is second to none,” Brown said

Brown didn’t expect to be asked by Maine to come in as a true freshman but knows he needs to continue to develop as a player.

I was surprised and I was excited,” Brown added. “I can do it but I need to keep working work hard and gain some weight.”

There was other schools that showed interest in Brown but nothing to serious.

“Not really any to be honest,” he said. “I talked to some other coaches but nothing serious.”

“There were other schools going after him and watched him play,” Lovell said. “They were all playing the waiting if he was going to get bigger. Maine stepped up and they really wanted him.”

This upcoming season, Brown will move to the Boston Advantage full season U-18 squad. They were just accepted in the Tier I Elite League which has many of the best Midget AAA squads in the country.

“We got accepted into Tier I, we will play in the top Midget League in country,” Lovell said. “We will be only team in the East that got invited to play. We are excited about that. That will help Cameron’s development, every night will be a tough game.”

“It will be a great season because we play such good teams in the Tier I Elite League,” Brown said.

Brown joins Darcy Ashley, Matt McNeely, and Stephen Gillard who all committed to Maine for the 2011-2012 season.

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