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More on the departure of Greg Glynn…

Greg Glynn - 188x300Portland, ME – It was quite a shock yesterday to learn that Portland Pirates Vice President of Communications Greg Glynn had resigned from his duties with the club, effective at the end of the July.

Glynn, who had been with the Pirates for the past six years, decided to leave the booth due to health issues regarding his back, and a chance move into a new career with Nancy Marshal Communications, a public relations firm located in Augusta.

“This was a decision that was very difficult for me to make, but one that had a tremendous upside when I learned that I could join Nancy Marshall Communications,” said Glynn.

“The people, the players and fans that I’ve met over the last five seasons would make me look back and say wow what a ride, and I think at the end of the day it was decision that had to be made, and is in the interest of both parties.”

“I think my time in the booth was extremely fun and memorable and I’ll always remember calling games from section V. Glynn, a sufferer of chronic back pain since 1996, describe his situation as being one he’s had to live with for sometime. He underwent surgery to correct the problem in his lower back in the summer of 2008 and missed most of last season only doing home game broadcast.

“When you start off trying to manipulate your body and try to adjust the way you walk, adjust the way you carry things for over a 10 year period of time, you aren’t using the muscles that you are supposed to be using,” he said.

“Now, I’ve been given the chance to use those muscles again, but they’re just not there right now and I have to build them back up. Had this been a one time traumatic event, yeah I’d probably be healthy right now, but the problem is this was such a long drawn out health issue that I’ve had that it’s going to longer than your typical person to recover.”

Glynn knew coming into this season, it might be a challenge for his to do his job, especially with the task he’s been given by Pirates Managing Owner/CEO Brian Petrovek. It’s not only play-by-play booth duties that Glynn handles, but also corporate duties, selling advertising, media relations as well as community initiatives such as player appearances, but it was the travel that was most worrisome for Glynn.

“The thought of getting on a bus 40 times this year for trips averaging over four hours a night was something that I knew in my heart of hearts I just wasn’t going to be able to do,” he said.

“Certainly not without discomfort,” he added.

The process for finding a replacement has begun with the organization, although Glynn has said nobody has been identified as candidates as of yet, he plans to stick around long enough to help the Pirates find the right replacement.

“It’s probably going to be a difficult process to find somebody to fit the shoes but we’re optimistic that there are a lot of great people out there in a lot of different positions, and a lot of people would love to have this one,” he said. We should be able to reach out and find the right candidate to come in and help this organization much like I tried to do over the last six years.”

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