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More moves to come for Lewiston

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Lewiston, ME– With the Midget Draft and the Import Draft behind the Maineiacs, Lewiston will continue to look to bring players in.

Don MacAdam has mentioned a 6’6 free agent invitee and General Manager Roger Shannon also mentioned him.

“There’s one big free agent, when I say big, I mean big in stature,” said Lewiston Maineiacs General Manager Roger Shannon. “We got a 6’6, 230 pounder coming. I hope he’s our fan favorite.”

Shannon also mentioned the player has been to a few NHL camps already in his young career.

The team also expects only two or three free agent invitees to training camp in mid August.

Another objective on Shannon’s list is to get Derek Henderson and Conner Brickley the two American kids that the team drafted in June into camp.

“They agreed to listen to us and that’s all you can ask for,” says Shannon.

Brickley played with Belmont Hill last season and made a college commitment to Vermont for 2011 earlier this year. Also in the 2011 recruiting class for Vermont is Lewiston native Connor Anthoine.

“If he was just openly declare himself for the 92 year of the draft, which was a year ago, he would have been a top ten pick,” says Shannon. “He’s a bonafide high caliber NHL draft pick.”

With the college commitment, it could be tough to get Brickley in camp.

“He’s going to be a little tougher, that’s for sure.” Shannon mentioned. “I think where we picked him it was worth it. I watched him play this winter obviously against Zach (Shannon) and I know the caliber player he is.”

Brickley will be eligible for the 2010 Draft. His uncle is Bruins color commentator Andy Brickley.

The team could also be a player in the August trading period.

The Maineiacs will announce the training camp schedule in the next week.

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