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Gelinas had a successful combine

Maineiacs_LabelLewiston, ME– The last week of May saw the top-100 draft eligible players head to to Toronto for the NHL Draft Combine. One of those players was Lewiston Maineiacs’ defefenseman Eric Gelinas.

“I think I did my best out there,” says Eric Gelinas. “I worked out for this event so hard. I think I did all I could in Toronto.”

“I haven’t talked to team post-combine,” says Maineiacs Head Coach and President Don MacAdam. “I talked to virtually every NHL team prior to, and virtually the same questions asking about my opinion on his on ice play and off-ice character. There are positive reviews all-around.”

One thing MacAdam has seen Eric improve since January has been his consistancy.

“Consistancy,” says MacAdam. “It was one good game, one bad game, one good game, one bad game. He was far more consistant, he might have a bad couple of shifts but at the end of the year he wasn’t having any bad games.”

MacAdam believes he needs to get stronger

“With him, he’s very simliar with a lot of other players his age, he needs to get stronger. He’s just growing into his body,” said MacAdam. “He needs to play more physically more consistantly. When he he was doing that in the latter games of the season, he was playing better.”

The NFL has the 40-yard dash is the main event of it’s combine. The NHL has the VO2 test. It’s a bike test that pushes players to the extreme.

“Some teammates told me about the two bike tests,” Gelinas said, “but I’ve done similar tests in the past so I kinda knew what they were.”

The other test is the Wingate anaerobic measure.

The other major part of the combine is the interviewing process, where teams can meet with the players for twenty minutes.

“(The) interviews went really well,” Gelinas stated. “I had twenty interviews in Toronto.”

Teams often ask off the wall questions or do something out of the ordinary. At last year’s combine, a team asked former Maineiacs Peter Delmas what was his strength. Delmas said glove hand and one of the team’s representatives threw a piece of candy towards Delmas’ glove hand. Gelinas also received a curveball.

“How would you react if you would have a gay partner on your team?,” says Gelinas, on the oddest question he got.

His roommate was also a defenseman. It was Ryan Ellis, who won World Junior Gold with Canada and the Memorial Cup with the Windsor Spitfires.

The NHL Draft takes place June 26th (1st Round, Versus) and June 27th (Rounds 2-7, NHL Network) in Montreal.

Pre Season Schedule

The Preseason Schedule came out and the dates look like this:

8-22 @ Drummondville
8-23 vs Drummondvillie ABC
8-28 @ Shawinigan
8-30 vs Shawinigan ABC
9 02 @ Saint John
9-03 vs. Saint John (Willie O’Ree Place, Frederecton, NB)

“It was request by Saint John,” says Don MacAdam on the game in Fredericton. “They wanted to play two games in New Brunswick.”

The team will announce the training camp schedule sometime next week.

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