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It’s not up to us

In recent days, rumors have spread that the Lewiston Maineiacs are heading up north of the boarder. RDS is reporting that former NHL player Joel Bouchard is trying to make this happen.

Bouchard played 364 games in the NHL scoring 22 goals and 53 assists.

For the Lewiston Maineiacs head coach Don MacAdam it’s out of their hands.

“We talked about as a team and our approach is it’s not our department,” said MacAdam who was introduced as the Maineiacs head coach on January 13th.

“Not to bail on it (the question), but it’s just one of those things that we can’t do about it as players or coaches,” says MacAdam.

Peter Delmas thinks the players are staying positive.

“Nothing is official yet.  The coaches haven’t said anything.  We are optimistic.”

Delmas says it would be weird to play in a different city.

“I don’t want to leave my billets.  You get use to a town and you want to stay there,” said Delmas.

At the same time he would be closer to family.

“If it was true (the rumors) it would pretty nice because its closer drive for my family.  I have family in Quebec.

The team has until January 31st to decided their intentions for next season.

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