Maine Hockey Journal

Welcome to Maine Hockey Journal

Welcome to Maine Hockey Journal.

For the last three years, I’ve met some fantastic people within the hockey world and been very fortunate to have some wonderful experiences. I have nothing, but admiration for The chance they’ve given me in the sports journalism world – I am forever indebted.

However, with that said, as with everything in life, we can’t stay the same forever and that is no different in journalism. has decided to go into a different direction by eliminating their minor league coverage.

While this may been devastating for those including myself who cover Maine teams on a regular basis. We have grabbed this wonderful opportunity to venture out on our own, which will allow us to give even more in-depth coverage for not only the Portland Pirates, but also the Lewiston MAINEiacs, UMaine Black Bears, NCAA Division III and high school hockey across the state.

All prior stories for Skate the Plank will be brought over to Maine Hockey Journal so you’ll be able to see all former stories including the Top-10 moments in Portland Pirates franchise history.

So again, I’d like to welcome you to Maine Hockey Journal. I’m sure you’ll love it as much as Skate the Plank and will find it to an informative place for all your hockey news in the state of Maine.

Please bear with us over the course of the next few weeks as we iron out the kinks and get this new site off the ground into the smooth running machine.

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