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UPDATE: Caruana still looking for deal

First before I get into my thoughts on this past weekend and this upcoming weekend for the Pirates, I need to do a little housekeeping to clarify an inaccurate report that I posted last week.

Last week, I was told by one of my sources, which I reported, that Matt Caruana had signed a deal with the Anaheim Ducks and as such was assigned to Portland on an ATO for the remainder of this season. It was confirmed by a story in the Buffalo News that he indeed has signed with the Ducks.

However, that seems to be incorrect as I received word today from the Ducks that Caruana in fact had not signed a deal with the Ducks for next season. The Ducks staff confirmed that Caruana was only signed to an ATO for this season, but did have an opportunity to earn an AHL deal next season.

I guess that’s a lesson learned on my part as I shouldn’t have rested on my laurels and I should have done more of my homework.

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