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Pirates building a bond

There’s nothing like team bonding and trying to build those relationships and friendships that will carry a team deep into the playoffs and potentially to a championship season.

It’s something the Ducks are big on and if you look back to last season when they spent the day skating and playing shinny on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, just like when they were kids or the Pirates spending time at the indoor karting track. It helps build camaraderie and cements a lasting bond.

Well, the Pirates were doing just that today as they spent part of this afternoon at Big 20 Lanes in Scarborough, seeking bragging rights for who can bowl the best among the group. I can say that I was fortunate to take part in the fun and I certainly can eliminate my name from contention in that category, although I was able to give the guys a good laugh or two at my expense.

I have to say that Bouck and King were pretty impressive with their game. They’d certainly have a career in the PBA, if this hockey thing doesn’t work out.

For the month of February, the Pirates have been growing mustaches and I have say that some of the guys have been getting creative with trims, of course for those who can grow one.

Bobby Ryan still only has a bit of the peach fuzz as he joked about starting two weeks before any of the other guys. He mentioned the other guys on the team have dubbed him and Platt as the baby face line for their lack of facial hair.

The Hoff is working on his best George Parros impression and in a couple weeks, he could give Parros quite a run for his money.


Mike McKenna is a pretty avid race fan and he turned that love of auto racing into a pretty cool thing for charity. The Pirates held a recent event to salute motorsports in Maine. McKenna decided to paint his stick in the pattern of a checkered flag, which he used in the game against Providence and afterward he autographed it. Now, it will be auctioned off on the Portland Pirates website. All money raised will go to the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital.

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