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Levasseur back in the mix

Gerald Coleman is out because of lingering problems due to a concussion he suffered at the beginning of the season. He’s only seen the net once in the last seven games for the Pirates and Dino wasn’t specific as to when the problems occurred, but did say that it was a very precautionary scratch.

As a result, J.P. Levasseur was the backup tonight after he was recalled from the Augusta (Ga.) Lynx, Portland’s ECHL affiliate. In 21 games with the Lynx, he went 8-7-1 with a 2.82GAA and a 0.902 save percentage.

What was more puzzling or raised an eyebrow was the fact that it was Levasseur and not Goepfert who was recalled.

Goepfert has been lights out in the ECHL as the top-ranked goaltender in the league. He’s 9-3-0-0 with a 1.77GAA and 0.933 save percentage.

With stats like that you’d have to wonder why he’s not at least getting a sniff, but after listening to Dino anyone who can read between the lines will know why.

“(Levasseur) is the guy. Goepfert sat around here for a month and a half trying to get healthy and I hadn’t seen him play. I could go by what (Augusta GM and Coach Bob Ferguson) says, but J.P. did some great things for us early in the season and he’s the guy who deserves a shot.”

Only one word explains it all.


Whatever Goepfert did to get in Dino’s doghouse, he’s not out of it because Dino has a long memory. Depending on whom you talk too, the speculation is Goepfert wasn’t completely honest in his conferring with the coaching staff about any potential injuries during training camp and it festered when it was discovered that Goepfert had a bad groin. It put the Pirates in a bad position because they were short a goalie so Portland signed Mike McKenna, which didn’t turn out to be a bad thing.

For a kid with that amount of talent you hope it works out for him because his chances of playing in Portland seem to be less than my chances of hooking up with Shania Twain.

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